Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Life With Daughters

skirt detail, doll bed, front flowers 082

I do not know what is going on with my girls this week, but somebody flipped on a very annoying switch.  Tantrums. Stomping, screaming, sassing, sobbing and rolling all over the floor in bitter frustration tantrums.  Several times a day.

Hair, frog, band concert 123

We always deal with attitudes and drama from time to time, but something about this first part of summer is making them crazy (and, consequently, me).

Hair, frog, band concert 131

And I find myself struggling very hard to be patient.

Memorial Day 027

In trying to make sense of the sudden turn in temperaments, I have decided it must be their natural resistance to change.

skirt detail, doll bed, front flowers 008

Their brothers are home.  All day long.  With them.  Lu no longer has Mommy to herself in the mornings.  And neither one of them have sole possession of Mommy for most of the afternoon, as they have for the past nine monthsskirt detail, doll bed, front flowers 055

I am trying to chalk it up to adjusting, telling myself it’s just a bump in the road and things will be better next week, or the week after.  Summer won’t feel so foreign.

skirt detail, doll bed, front flowers 084

In the meantime, they just feed off each other.  And I have to keep telling myself:

“Breathe, MyLiege, just breathe.”

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The First Day of Summer Vacation

A fashion show and swimming with cousins – what more could one ask for on the first day of Summer Vacation!


Friday, June 22, 2012

Farmhouse Doll Bed and Bedding – In White

 First day of summer 168-001 

Here are my last pictures of this lovely little bed.  Sorry to any of you who are sick of seeing it.  For the rest of you who have been dying to see it in white – here you go.  (I think it makes the bedding really pop – I love it!)

First day of summer 173

I also thought this would be a good moment to share the credit for this beautiful bed.  If you are interested in whipping one of these up yourself, we used the plans from Ana White, and the bedding pattern from here.  I tweaked a few things with the bedding and if you are seriously interested, leave a little note in the comments and I will let you know what they were.

2012-06-16 skirt detail, doll bed, front flowers

Which version do you like better – white or au naturel?

First day of summer 177

Happy auctioning to us!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Erik’s Last Week of School

skirt detail, doll bed, front flowers 002

Last Wednesday Erik woke up with a rather high fever.  We planted him on the couch and prepared him for missing his end-of the-year field trip that was scheduled for the next day.  “Maybe you can go back to school on Friday,” we said.  “If you don’t have a fever tomorrow.”

skirt detail, doll bed, front flowers 006

No such luck.  He ran a fever all day Thursday.  And all day Friday.  I know my boy is sick when he actually stays on any surface for more than two minutes without being forced. Erik never left the couch or his bed for six straight days.

skirt detail, doll bed, front flowers 003

He woke up on Monday (the much anticipated Field Day at school) and informed me that he was well enough to go to school.  No such luck.  He got sick before we even got his lunch made.  Back to bed.  Back to the couch.  On the bright side, he has read a tremendous amount throughout this little spell of illness. 

skirt detail, doll bed, front flowers 004

And he smiled.  Through it all, that boy always had a smile on his face and a “thank you” on his lips.  (Luckily, he made it to school for the last day.)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Doll Bedding

skirt detail, doll bed, front flowers 038

A couple of months ago Sean and I were asked to craft a doll bed and bedding for a silent auction being held for our neighborhood Relay For Life.  We had several other items on our plates, so this got pushed back pretty much to the week before the deadline. 

skirt detail, doll bed, front flowers 091

Sean applied the final coat of paint only a few hours before we had to turn it in.  On Saturday (while Sean was painting away in the garage) I hauled Anna’s doll bed and the bedding outside for a little photo shoot.skirt detail, doll bed, front flowers 059

After a several shots, Anna asked if she could pretty please take it all apart and put it all back together again.

skirt detail, doll bed, front flowers 061

I obliged.

skirt detail, doll bed, front flowers 064

And she got to work.

skirt detail, doll bed, front flowers 075

Then proudly presented her finished product:

skirt detail, doll bed, front flowers 032

Ta-da! (I wish I had a shot with the white bed because it really makes that bedding pop.  I will be sure to catch one before it disappears forever.)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Butterfly Details

Since I’m sure you’ve all been waiting with baited breath to see the details of Anna’s butterfly skirt, I give you this post. Like I said before, Anna picked out the trims and she selected the butterfly we turned into an appliqué.

skirt detail, doll bed, front flowers 017

It was really easy to do.  Anna picked out the butterfly from scraps of the lowest skirt tier.  We roughly cut it out, ironed lightweight Heat-n-Bond to the back, and then I cut it out very carefully.  We pinned it in place and I peeled off the the backing (one half at a time so I could keep it pinned and in the right spot).  Once it was securely in place I set the stitch to zig-zag and very slowly and carefully outlined the butterfly.

skirt detail, doll bed, front flowers 012Then I free-handed a little butterfly trail in silver embroidery thread.  It didn’t stand out as well as I would have liked, so I re-traced the path in yellow and it was perfect!  I like how it brought the yellow  from the bottom ruffle up through the middle of the skirt and into the top tier.  Very lovely, if I do say so myself.  ;>

skirt detail, doll bed, front flowers 077

Thursday, June 14, 2012


I recently finished up a few sewing projects.  The first two projects were these quilts for a friend of mine who recently adopted two adorable little boys.  We had a good old fashioned quilting bee for her shower.  It was really fun and she loved how they turned out (phew!).

Hair, frog, band concert 034

My other project was a quickie I squeezed in between the quilts above and some doll bedding I’m working on for a silent auction for cancer research (I feel totally honored to have been asked to do it – and it’s going to be so cute!).  I wanted to get in a new skirt for Anna before school is out for the summer.  So the second the quilts left the studio I got a-sewin’ on that skirt. 

Hair, frog, band concert 105

I make lots of different skirts and dresses for Anna, but her favorites are peasant skirts.  So while I would have loved to make something a little more adventurous or with a different silhouette, I knew she would be happiest if it was just a ruffle-y, twirly skirt.  I took these pictures before I finished the embroidery on the green tier (because she insisted on wearing it to Djeryd’s band concert – finished or not).  I will post some more pictures of the detailing when I can. 

Hair, frog, band concert 126

Anna picked out the ribbon trims and had input on the some of the other details.  I think it made for a good collaboration.  And right now she is wearing it on her field trip, which was the very best part of all as far as she’s concerned.

Hair, frog, band concert 119 I don’t know.  I think all that love this skirt will see is the best part of all.  If clothes could talk . . .

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


In the midst of dinner preparations, I looked up . . .

Hair, frog, band concert 003

and saw Lu trying to be like her big sister . . .

Hair, frog, band concert 006

who had expertly shaped some pigtails out of Lu’s gorgeous brown curls only 30 minutes before . . .

Hair, frog, band concert 014

now it was LuLu’s turn to be the stylist . . .

Hair, frog, band concert 009

and grab a little sip of something in the process . . .

Hair, frog, band concert 010 

(don’t worry, she’s not allowed to play with scissors . . . yet) 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Things I’m Loving

Alyx bike and Office with M&D 023

:: Djeryd’s baby-bike-riding lessons

Alyx bike and Office with M&D 065

:: barefoot weather, at last

Alyx bike and Office with M&D 050 :: gorgeous, fragrant roses in full, glorious bloom

Alyx bike and Office with M&D 147

:: that my life is blessed with such an amazing family (doesn’t my mommy look beautiful in this picture?)

Alyx bike and Office with M&D 075

:: clothes that ride a perfectly versatile line between being Anna’s tops and LuLu’s dresses

Memorial Day 044

:: being here

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Brilliant Son

I think all my kids are absolutely amazing. Every last one of them. Sometimes I worry that Djeryd gets a disproportionate number of blog posts for cool projects, but the truth is he is pretty much the only one doing cool projects lately. He has had a lot of elaborate assignments this year in school. Poor Mr. Erik has not even had a single book report (which makes me very sad because I LOVE book reports). So I guess this is just a disclaimer that I am not ignoring my other children, Djeryd has simply been producing a lot of fantastical sorts of things this year. And here is the latest and greatest:

Memorial Day 051

What you see is a working replica of a Roman aqueduct.  Water runs through a pipe, through the mountain, up the hill, over the river, along the top of the actual “aqueduct” portion, and bubbles up through the fountain in the town square (notice the glistening water pouring over the rims on the fountain above).

Memorial Day 052

Seriously, how cool is that?  When he told me he wanted to make a model of an aqueduct I suggested he make a model of only a small portion.  He insisted on demonstrating the whole system.  So I backed off. 

Memorial Day 057

And he amazed me (and everyone else, for that matter).

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