Thursday, August 30, 2012


Wilcox Family Beach Trip 2012 030

We decided to enroll the kids in gymnastics this summer.  Admittedly, I think this can almost wholly be attributed to seeing a picture of Mary Lou Retton on a Wheaties box at the grocery store (which I impulsively shoved into my over-flowing shopping cart). 

Wilcox Family Beach Trip 2012 056

I figured with the summer Olympics taking place this year, and all of the weeks Djeryd would be gone through the summer, the littles needed something new and challenging to look forward to each week.

Wilcox Family Beach Trip 2012 059

It worked out really well.  I only had to take Alyx along once.  It turned out to be a total nightmare and I vowed to never do it again.  You know it’s bad when the instructors, who you’ve never talked to in your entire life, comment after class about the size of your child’s lungs – especially when that child was down the hall and around the corner during almost the entire lesson.

Wilcox Family Beach Trip 2012 035  

I was really hoping for gymnastics to be a catalyst for some serious cultural immersion.  I expected they would want to watch and learn all they could about every Olympian competing in gymnastics.  I had visions of pouring over books about other countries, cultures and civilizations.  I seriously thought a little gymnastics class would open up this big wide world to my children. . . . No such luck.

Wilcox Family Beach Trip 2012 062 

But they had fun and explored a new skill.  It helped mark time in what could have been a very long, uneventful summer for these little guys.  And I loved watching them.

Wilcox Family Beach Trip 2012 094

Especially with a face like that.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Summer Update

chess, week of Scout Camp 019

It seems like forever since I posted anything here.  The busy-ness of daily life with all four kids at home all day long has made carving out time for creative blog-posting nearly impossible.  Not that I don’t have moments of time to myself, but I am usually so tired of everything else that has gone on during the day that I use that time to read a bit or sneak in a little nap.

I could probably make a complete post about each of these pictures, but in the interest of time (both mine and yours) we will be skimming over that last few weeks of summer at our house.

chess, week of Scout Camp 002

We have played copious amounts of chess.  It’s mostly Erik and me.  And it’s mostly every day.

chess, week of Scout Camp 007

My summer sewing really deserves a post of it’s own, but in case I don’t get around to it I will just say that I sewed six a days a week for 10 weeks for at least twenty minutes a day before I finally threw in the towel on that one to get some balance back in my days.  The sad thing is I have not sewn a single thing since that fateful night of “I want my life back!”  It’s not that I don’t want to sew, or don’t have things to sew.  It’s that without that commitment to myself to do something everyday in the studio, I just don’t get in there . . . which was the reason I set that goal in the first place.  (sigh)

chess, week of Scout Camp 010 

We had one day of painting in the sunshine.

chess, week of Scout Camp 023

And days of painting in the cool of the house.

chess, week of Scout Camp 038

Our craft projects have been really fun and different than our normal standbys.  Lots of glue and paper and popsicle sticks and recycled milk cartons and googly eyes and yarn.  I did not take pictures of very many finished projects.  The process is far more gratifying to me than the finished project when it comes to my kids’ art.  I love watching them so focused and content.  Creating is absorbing and fulfilling for them – that’s the part that is important to me.chess, week of Scout Camp 040

And of course we’ve made some sweet stuff to eat, too.  Very few things taste better than homemade jam.  Ah, summer . . .

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