Sunday, December 2, 2012

Where did MyLiege go?

If any of you are wondering why nothing has been posted here since mid-October… let’s just say, the blog has been reassigned, pseudo temporarily, to a new writer-- who is not as diligent, as brave, as articulate, as loving, nor as beautiful, as the previous writer. However, I will give it my best.

Where did MyLiege go? Well, that depends on your perspective. Bottom line, she was asked to teach early morning seminary a little over a month ago. For those that do not know, seminary is a religious class for high school students. They meet at 6:30 in the morning and study a book of scripture. This year they are studying the New Testament. As such, MyLiege spends almost all of her free time studying the scriptures, preparing lessons, fretting over teaching methods, and worrying about the kids in her class.

The Lord promises us that we will see miracles in our lives as we look to Him and exercise our faith in Him. At times that requires walking to the edge of the light and taking a step into the dark. For MyLiege and I, this has been a step into the dark. As promised, the light has followed; we have had lots of spiritual discussions— the Spirit of the Lord has been felt. I can even say miracles have occurred—we actually get up at 5:10 in the morning. (It has been 20 years since I knew that every day had two 5:00’s.)

I am grateful for my wonderful wife, who accepted this call, is giving it her all, in spite of her own fears, and is doing an amazing job! Thank you MyLiege for being my inspiration—for being so diligent, brave, articulate, and loving. You are so beautiful to me!


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