Tuesday, January 17, 2017


All of my kidlets were home from school today.  Again.

(Let me tell you, when that plain ol’ rain started coming down this afternoon I never felt so happy.  I have loved the snow, but all this darn “inclement weather” has delayed us moving into our new house by two weeks!)

Djeryd, in his efforts to be an amazing big brother, took Alyx out for a couple of hours to browse and shop around town (for the love of Legos – self-serving? Hmm? . . . I will choose to think otherwise). That left, Anna, Elle and I to while away the early afternoon.  I laid down on the couch to read a bit and before I knew it I woke up to this little scene playing out adjacent to me. 


There was my angel Annaliese trying to put Elle down for a nap, helping her look at a picture book while sitting in a little chair beside her charge, reading a book of her own.  They were whispering so quietly and I kept hearing Anna say, “Okay, now it’s time to go nigh-night.”  Melt my mama heart.

Elle really needed a nap, poor thing.  When the kids are home it is very hard for her to lay down for a nap.  She knows exciting things are happening without her and doesn’t want to miss anything.  One or two missed days in a row are okay, but beyond that, we ALL start to feel it. Rather violent temper outbursts become common place and we all take cover (seriously, because otherwise you will  get hit in the head with a flying object).

I know she can’t take it anymore when I find her like this:


Oh, baby.  I always feel like such a bad mama when my child has to resort to putting herself to bed. Oh, please let the big kids have school tomorrow. ;>

Monday, January 16, 2017



We found him outside our local grocery store.  Alyx and I sat and stared at him for quite a while.  He stared back.  For a long time.  Then he started wiggling his tail and looking like he was going to jump onto our faces and start eating our noses voraciously.  So I decided it was time to leave.


And when I walked in the door yesterday, Alyx proudly showed me the new hole in her head.  Losing teeth is charming for only so many years in ones’ life. Enjoy it while it lasts, little one.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Change of Plans


We are currently living in an apartment transitioning between houses.


The little town that we live in hardly ever gets snow.


But in the short month that we have lived in this tiny apartment, my children have attended only eight days of school (and some of those were late arrival) due to no less than FOUR snowstorms (and Christmas Break).


I know people think Oregonians are wimpy about snow, but it is very wet and very icy.  And, because we rarely are blessed with this pretty white stuff, we really don’t have the infrastructure to handle it.


So we have learned to soak up the rare snow and enjoy the day (or days) off.


However, after virtually an entire week of snow and ice on the ground, one gets a bit of cabin fever. So today we attempted an outing.  A lovely young lady we know was visiting the area to play a college basketball game, and we had a wedding reception to attend for some other friends tonight.  We packed the car with snacks and a change of clothes (because basketball clothes and wedding clothes just aren’t really in the same class) and headed to the big city.  Until . . .


The transmission went out on the van.  Did I mention this coming week is nuts because we’re MOVING?!?!?!  I’m trying not to panic.  One mechanic told us it may be a simple hose popping-off due to the freezing temperatures.  Oh, please, let it be that.


My awesome brother- and sister-in-law saved our bacons.  Again.  And Anna kept me company in the back seat of the tow truck.


At least I had something good to read on the side of the road. Let this be a lesson: Never, and I mean never, leave the house without a book.

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