Thursday, February 2, 2017

New House

I have been trying and trying to blog a bit every day, but it’s been nuts around here.  So instead of little bits and pieces of our move, this post is one giant avalanche of moving.


Last Tuesday morning we sent the kids off to school and  . . .


Drove a few minutes out of town to . . .


get the key to our new house (it was a very cold morning) and  . . .


step inside it as our very own new house for the very first time.


Moving then proceeded in four separate phases.  Carpets were cleaned on Tuesday.


Moving everything from the apartment and into the new house happened Wednesday, with lots of help from friends and family (and pizza).


Elle spent that long day playing with the only toy box she’s had for two months – her trains.


I can’t tell you how comforting that stack of family Book of Mormons on the mantel was to me – a peaceful symbol of normalcy and everything precious to me.


Friday morning dawned with movers and a moving truck clearing out our storage unit (everything we packed up right before we moved into the apartment).  This was a generous gift from our loan company.  They were awesome (so were my parents – who help us move every single day)!


And Saturday brought tons of family and sweet friends (and more pizza) to move everything that was stored at my in-laws.  This included our PODS (water damaged!!!) and corners we had commandeered of their garage, barn and workshop.  All the boxes are finally here . . . and waiting to be unpacked.


I love that Elle found this scrappy little corner of the future library to read a book – like she knew exactly what this space was meant to be.


Some spaces are starting to take shape.


And some still need a lot of work.


But my family is in heaven out here in the country.  There are fish to feed and watch. We have our sweet kitty back from her extended stay at grandma’s house.  And the girls are making the most of this beautiful piece of property. 


I have lots of painting and furniture shopping, construction, and refinishing ahead of me.  And lots of boxes to sort through. But it’s starting to feel like home, and none of us are looking back.

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