Sunday, March 5, 2017

Blogging Inspiration

Alyx with blog book

Blogging has been challenging for me over the past several years.  Time just feels too precious to spend it on a computer instead of enjoying my children.  And I really don’t need one more thing to stress about.

Anna with blog book

But then I find my girls like this, curled up in the library with big books on their laps – my big books.  My books that have recorded the life of our family on this blog.  Sean takes my pictures and my prose and creates the most beautiful books, and my kids LOVE to look at them and read them and ask me questions about them.

Girls in library

Today Sean woke up from a nap to find us in the library reliving 2009 page by page – making a memory of memories.  And I thought I better get back on this blogging stick, because this is it – this is the good stuff – and I don’t want to miss the memories.

Looking at Books

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