Sunday, March 5, 2017

Decisions, Decisions

The other day was one of those where I had two different places to be at the exact same time.  I made a plan, you know those plans where you show up a little early at one event and then show up a little late at the next so you can squeak it all in.  I also needed to hit Costco and feed my family after piano lessons.  Why not do them at the same time? Brilliant!


As we were getting ready to check out, with just enough time to grab dinner (we had to eat it in the car and make it into a hyper-fast check out line – but still, we could make it, darn it), my son informs me he has a National Honor Society induction ceremony in twenty minutes, he thinks.  “And, oh yeah, I think it’s a big deal.  I think I’m supposed to dress up.  And I think parents are supposed to be there, too.” Oh, my.  After quizzing him a bit on how long he’s known about this, etc., he informs me, “I don’t really want to go anyway.”


We tell him we can race, we can do this, we can pull this off.  We can skip the other two commitments.  We can divide and conquer.  We can DO THIS!  Before we know it social pressure starts pouring in from relatives via Sean’s cell phone.  That clinches it.  Djeryd digs in his heels, holds to his argument to not go, and we all decide to dine in at Costco to eliminate any possibility of even being in the right town for all three of the evening’s commitments.  Procrastination at its yummiest.

Djeryd and Seth1

I’m sure some people think we should have insisted, but I just think if my seventeen year old son, who is just about the finest young man I have ever met, says he doesn’t want to do something pomp and circumstance-y – ‘nuf said.

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