Monday, March 6, 2017

Two Moments


My mom often comes for lunch during the week.  She works near our home so if the day is not too crazy for her, we get a special treat around noon.  Elle loves it when Grandma comes over.  She loves to “hide” (curled up in a ball in plain sight on the couch) and giggle while Grandma tries to find her.  Usually we just talk over lunch, but the other day Elle asked Grandma to read a story to her.  Look at those two lucky people!  How blessed they are to have each other in their lives!  And how blessed I am to be a witness of their love and friendship, and to be able to enjoy a little piece of it myself.


And this little moment gets played out every single evening in our house, although occasionally one or both of those big guys on the ends may be missing because they have other obligations.  I love these people, this moment.  To me, it is the stuff of life.

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