Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Double Super

Super fast, super cute. Challenging, yet simple. What more could you want? I hope my Activity Day girls like making them (and my little nieces - yea for Sunriver!).
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Friday, August 14, 2009

My Happy Place

Over the past few weeks I have spent a great deal of time laying on my sofa or in my bed. For some reason, being vertical, at this interval in my life, is generally a bad idea. What on earth do I think about during all those long hours? Especially when I feel too crummy to read a book or play a game with my kids? Well, I go to my happy place. Disneyland. I try not to think about eating too much of an apple juice icy until it made me feel quite ill while waiting for Erik and Sean on the Dumbo ride. I try not to think about how watching the carousel in Fantasy Land, or parts of the Snow White ride made me feel a little nauseous. And I try not to think of the time I totally lost it with our entire entourage because I wanted to eat a real sandwich - not soggy peanut butter and jelly (I sincerely hope that was an incident that seemed much bigger in my head than it really turned out).

Yes, I try very hard not to think of those things. Instead I remember our adventures on Tom Sawyer's Island. I remember watching the big white River Boat paddling its way around New Orleans Square. I remember climbing Tarzan's Tree House (and all those stairs!), and feeling completely surrounded by jungle the entire time we were in Adventure Land. I remember seeing masses of people buying and eating pickles (can someone please explain this phenomena?). I remember the smell of churros - one thing I promised myself I would buy, and never quite got around to. I remember the kids driving their very own car for the first time in their lives. I remember the thrill of my boys when they realized they could go on a "grown-up" ride.

I remember how clean it was and how happy everyone seemed. I remember strolling through Downtown Disney at any hour from 9am-10pm and loving every second of it - the shops, the lights, the music, the magic (not to mention their yummy smoothies and muffins (which I believe I mentioned in a previous post)). I remember waiting in line in the beautiful plaza every morning to get inside the gates. I remember going on rides I remembered as a child, and how different they felt. I remember playing Astro Blasters over and over and over again whenever we had fifteen minutes, or a half-hour to spare - always comparing high scores as we exited the ride. I remember rafting down a white water river with my sister-in-law and niece and son.

I remember so many wonderful things. But my most favorite Disneyland memory of all is swimming in our gorgeous hotel pool while my little nieces paraded around in their princess costumes. It was completely magical. So now you've seen a glimpse of my happy place. If your last name starts with an "L", I think you should come along with us the next time we go. There is nothing sweeter than family and magic in the same place at the same time.
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Friday, August 7, 2009

Beach Trip

On Saturday we trekked up to Tillamook for a day at the beach. It was in the nineties at home, but the Oregon Coast is no respecter of inland temperatures. It was a seventy-ish, and bit breezy. We forgot to take this into account and left without coats or sweaters, except in the case of my always prepared (sometimes overly-prepared husband). At least he was kind enough to share his only sweater with me. Ah, true love. ;>

I loved watching Anna experience the sea with Daddy by her side. It was very sweet to watch them to together and see that trust that she puts in him.

Sorry there are no real picutres of Djeryd. He spent the whole time with his arm buried in a sand castle trying to fashion a tunnel.

And what would a trip to the beach be without ice cream? Yum!
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Swimming Lessons

Yesterday was the littles last day of swimming, and Erik did not disappoint. He did no less than TWO flips this year (last year it was one). His poor little back got all red from the resulting back-flops. The flips were in amongst several cannon balls which "make a huge splash!" He also got a few turns on the rope swing, "Indiana Jones style".

Anna braved the rope swing only once. I thought she did a great job, but she dropped into the water a split-second before the instructor expected her to, and hence, got a little more water over her head than she would have liked. It scared her out of her second try.

My little Erik improved so much over the past month. To give you an idea. This little guy (only five, mind you - well for a few more weeks) dove off the diving board into 10' deep water, swam to the edge of the pool, and got out, all by himself. He did that over and over and over for about 20 minutes. Yea, Erik!

And my lovely little Miss Annabelle. So many of you have asked how the swimming lessons were going after that first blog last month. I am happy to report that she improved greatly with every trip to the pool. Not only did she warm up to her instructor, she warmed up to the water, and swimming in general.

It was so fun to watch my little munchkins learning and interacting with the outside world in such a positive way. I had Djeryd by my side on the bleachers each lesson. It was really nice to have a companion (although we will have to forego that in the future as it is Djeryd who really needs the lessons - no more sitting on the sidelines for you, buddy). Great kids. Happy day.
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Monday, August 3, 2009

Because We Are Lousy at Keeping Secrets

Yes, this is an announcement.
I hear March is a lovely month to be born.

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