Friday, April 30, 2010

Erik's Broken Ankle

I thought I'd better get this post up before Erik's cast comes off and the whole ordeal becomes obselete. Our adventurous Mr. Erik broke his ankle three of four weeks ago jumping on the trampoline. Amazingly, he was not even screwing around when it happened; just calmly, happily jumping on the tramp. Poor little guy. It swelled up really bad and we had to wait five days before a cast could be put on.

In the meantime he crawled or tottered around on crutches that were a little too big. We all went to the park two days after the cast was put on. Erik was still in some serious pain. He, however, was not to be deterred from climbing on the playground equipment. Once discovered he was promptly removed (does crutches on playgorund equipment sound like another accident-waiting to-happen to anyone else?). Apparently he tried it on the playground at school as well. Oh, that boy. ;>

As soon as the pain wore off, the thought of a broken bone was history. Most people don't even notice. He runs and jumps and climbs. It slowed him down for about two weeks total. That was nice. But I'm glad he is not in pain anymore and can be almost as active as he chooses. He can't wait to ride his bike again. And I am looking forward to Erik having a shower without having to blow dry the cast. This is our first (and I can only hope, last) broken bone. Erik has been a trooper. It seems the only time he remembers his predicament is when Sean or I ask him to do something. He's a kid, what can I say?

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Pinewood Derby

Is it a crime if I admit to heaving a huge sigh of relief Tuesday night after Djeryd's LAST pinewood derby? The next time he participates in any way will be as a father with his own son. Sean and I get to enjoy a two year hiatis (Erik is 6). Yippee, hooray!

I have observed a distinct arc of interest over the past three years. Djeryd's first race was very exciting for all of us. We planned, prepared, bought a cool skin for the car (camoflauge), wieghted and prepped the car days, if not a week, in advance. It was all quite thrilling. Year two was all about improving on the year before and Djeryd felt very "experienced" - he know how it all worked. This year was just a race to get through. Maybe it was the new baby and all the chaos and busyness surrounding our lives, but I don't think so. Where in previous years Djeryd couldn't wait to work on his car, this year he just didn't care. As Sean was frantically weighing the car 15 minutes before we were supposed to be at the church, Djeryd kept saying, "Dad, stop stressing; it's no big deal." (I really don't think Sean appreciated that. ("You're a good man, Charlie Brown."))

I think the high point of the evening for me was Erik actually sitting on my lap, for however brief a time. The picture below is one in a million for our photo album. It makes me so happy. (You will note my father to the left in the picture in full scout uniform - what a cool guy.)

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More Girls

I only know how to post four pictures at a time without screwing up all of my alignment stuff. Sean has been trying to convince me to tweak the blog to make it more picture-friendly. I think I will take him up on it - maybe tonight. In the meantime, here are some more pictures form our impromptu photo shoot this morning. I think Anna looks gorgeous is virtually every shot. Alyx was kind of wiggly (read: blurry), but we managed to get a few good shots.

Alyx does actually smile now, but it is hard to capture on film. I will try harder. (I think Alyx is gorgeous, too. Can you tell these are my babes?) ;>

And I love sweet baby toes. Everyone who sees these beauties say they are definitely dancer's feet. Oh, how I hope.

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My Gorgeous Girls

What can a mama say more?

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Another Skirt

Don't you just love her toes?? Bright red in the rich green grass of spring. Love it!

I finally made it to my studio to actually make something yesterday. It was pure joy. I have been walking past my studio and occasionally stepping inside to retrieve or replace an item over the past month. Each time I set foot in it I wanted to stay and make something beautiful, but time and circumstances have not been in my favor. Yesterday, however, all the planets and stars aligned and a skirt was born.

I bought this fabric months ago because Anna insisted on it. I am not crazy about the material, but the shape of skirt and the use of the stripes has been haunting my dreams since February (it was supposed to be in Anna'sEaster basket, alas . . .). I whipped it up in a couple of hours. I did not have a pattern and I was in a hurry so the construction is actually quite sloppy, but the pure pleasure of making anything was intoxicating. I can't wait to get back in that studio!

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tulips and Blankets

In a bit of a frenzy I grabbed my camera the other morning to snap a few shots of my rapidly fading tulips. They were just too gorgeous and all those good intentions I've had of photographing them finally materialized into actual action.

It seems like we've had a rather strange spring - lots of warm and lots of cold all jumbled up together. Snow one week and seventy degree weather the next. Strange indeed; but the flowers have been shown to best advantage with all the sunshine between all the pouring rain (and hail and snow).

On Monday I was feeling so very springy that I coerced the family into eating dinner on the patio. Before the prayer was even said most of us were swaddled in blankets. Needless to say our foray outside did not last long, maybe twenty minutes. I was the chicken that packed it in first (I hate being cold - the older I get the more I think I really am a California girl at heart - the beach, the water, the sun, swimming pools, flowers year-round). Oh, well, at least we made a memory. ;>

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Friday, April 9, 2010


dying eggs

making and gobbling bird nests

singing songs to wake up Mom and Dad for . . .

the hunt

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A couple of weeks ago we finally got the trampoline set up, and the kids' area of the yard is taking shape. Last night marked the first major injury attributable to this lovely piece of equipment. Erik sprained (possibly fractured - they said treatment is the same regardless) his ankle. And so yet another trip to the doctor's office was made. I would tell you all the medical stuff we have been dealing with over the past four weeks, but it's all just too annoying. Chalk it up to life experience.

In other outdoor happenings, Djeryd has been studying the Oregon Trail in school. He has become obsessed with all things Trail. One day last week he came home from school on a very wet day and decided to make a tent like a pioneer. Since it was raining, I assumed he was speaking hypothetically or simply planning some fun things to do this summer. The next thing I know he had constructed what you see above and was actually lying down in it. Please keep in mind that is only a bed sheet over the top of him - hardly waterproof, and the blaket underneath him rapidly absorbed all the moisture from the very wet ground. Sean took the picture through a rain-soaked window pane, that's why it's so blurry. Djeryd does the funniest things. He is so creative and I love how he pursues things that interest him. P.S. He didn't stay in the tent more than five or ten minutes before coming inside - it was really wet and cold. Another thing I love about him is that when he came inside he was all full of ideas on how to make his tent work better next time.
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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

In a Nutshell

I would love to post some big long posts with lots of pictures and intelligent thoughts. That is not a possibility. So this is what you all get: some one-liners on what's been swimming around my brain these past few weeks.

:: We watched Stand and Deliver in honor of Mr. Escalanta's death last week - man, we lead an easy life.

:: Fevers and fevers and fevers, oh my!

:: I have consumed more Advil over the past three weeks than I have over my entire life combined - times ten - I jest not.

:: I can feel the control I used to wield every day evaporating from my life - I think I like it better this way.

:: General Conference was AMAZING - virtually every talk was written just for me.

:: We bought a wii - finally - and borrowed a separate TV to hook it up to. I am desperately praying we will not regret the decision (we have not had a television for over 10 years - this is uncharted territory).

:: A daily shower is priceless.

:: Any daddy who gets up with his baby in the middle of the night so his wife can sleep is a saint - Sean, you have a very shiny halo.

:: I realized I am not going to get any decent pictures of my spring blooms because I am too tired to go outside and snap the shots - and I really don't care - there's always next year.

:: Disneyland is only a year and half away - yea!!!!

:: I LOVE having four kids - life is seriously good.

:: My baby is so very scrumptious!
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